Tips on Climbing Kenya Highest Mountain

Mt Kenya which is thought to be the blessed worship of the Kikuyu descendants is the top free-standing mountain in Kenya and second highest in Africa after Kilimanjaro as well as a UNESCO world custom site. Climb Mount Kenya which an inactive volcano is said to have exploded many millions of years ago.

Jonathan Ludwig Krapf was the first European missionary to report a detection of Mount Kenya back in 1849. Eric Shipton was the first person to climb the Nelion peak which is the second highest after Britain in 1929. The perfect month to climb Mt. Kenya is from January to February and August to September.

Mountain ascending is associated with some altitude sickness like an acute mountain sickness and edema. Acute mountain climbing is the most popular, and the symptoms consist of vomiting, headache, and nausea which disappear after a short time. However, in case the signs persevere, it will be necessary to be rest behind as you wait for the rest. The sickness can be evaded by consuming a lot of water, eating a balanced diet, stroll and wear warm clothes. Edema is caused by construction up of fluid in the body which ultimately collects in the lungs and the brain. With these extreme conditions, you need to climb down to lower attitudes where you will recover faster. In all the situations, you are up-to-date of all altitude illness before you start climbing.

About the drugs and toiletries, you should have with you headache pills, mosquito sprays, creams, and sunscreen. You should as well not forget to carry your toothbrush, toothpaste as well as tissue paper. You should also have some money for tips which will be for appreciating the tour guides, drivers, porters, and cooks. Cooking is carried out by the use of modern kerosene stoves which are very efficient and dependable. It is suggested that all climbers have their first aid kits for emergency as well as special medication.

You can ascend Mt Kenya via the Chogoria route, Sirimon route or Naro Moru route. Sirimon route is the most popular one and simple to make use of. For game viewing, I would recommend you to first of all visit another game reserve like the Maasai Mara where you are guaranteed to view a variety of wild animals. Mt Kenya consists of thick forest, and you might not be in a position to observe many wild animals. This tallest, the mountain is situated in a Central part of Kenya just south of the equator. You may also visit and read more at .