How To Climb Kenya's Highest Mountain: More about Mount Kenya

The largest mountain in Kenya is Mount Kenya which is located in the central part of Kenya. It is also the second largest mountain in Africa, and it is almost 2.5 million years old. During the early years, this mountain was huge, but with time it is dropping very fast. The scientists have noticed that it has decreased from six thousand and five hundred meters to five thousand, one hundred and ninety-nine meters.

Mount Kenya has an awe-inspiring spectacle that controls the central Kenyan Highland. The Kikuyu people are among the forty-seven tribes of Kenya, have taken this mountain as a God given to them, and thus they have made it a God's abode. This mountain is one hundred and eighty kilometers away from the Kenya's biggest city, Nairobi. The mountain is surrounded by a vast forest which is known as Mount Kenya forest. Mount Kenya National park is also around the peaks of the mountain which is a center of tourist attraction in Kenya.

Mount Kenya is divided into three main zones which are; the Rocky peak region, the afro-alpine moorland and the long slopes that are covered by forests of the mountain and the bamboo. These three zones attract a lot of tourists since they have about eighty-one species of different trees that cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world. They're very many wild animals that are found in the Mount Kenya forest. Some of these animals include the buffalos, elephants, the sky monkeys and bushbuck. However, it is not easy to see some of these animals because they are scattered all over in the forest and at the national park. But people have sighted animals like Leopard, hyenas and a few others.  Know the mount kenya climbing chogoria route here!

The tourists not only come to see the animals but also to experience and witness the mountain peaks that bring a lot of people. There some climbers who have to try to climb this mountain but very few have made it to the top. The well-known author and mountaineer called Rick Ridgeway say that Mount Kenya is his favorite mountain ever. Even if this mountain is on the equator, there is a lot of ice and snow including glaciers found in it. You may also watch and gather more ideas at .

Mount Kenya is also the source of River Tana which is the biggest River in Kenya. Even if it is highly used for domestic consumption by very many communities in Kenya, it has never dried up.

There are some resorts and perfect hotels around this Mount Kenya region where tourists can go when visiting the mountain. Some people go for hangouts around this region, and it is usually entertaining.

In conclusion, Mount Kenya is the best place to visit during vacations. As we have seen in this article, there are a lot of things that you can enjoy when you visit this Mountain. There are some people who go for picnics and hiking around this area because it is very fresh and fun. Book a Kenya safari holiday here!